• Autohuolto / Autokorjaamo Tammisaari, Raasepori
  • A&A Car Center Oy
  • Auki: Ajanvarauksella
  • Puhelinnumero: +358405355933
  • Sähköposti:info@aacc.fi
  • Osoite: Vestanbyntie 3 10600 tammisaari
  • Open: By appointment
  • Phone Nr: +358405355933
  • E-mail: info@aacc.fi
  • Aadress: Vestanbyntie 3 10600 tammisaari


    We provide regular car service and repair. During the car service we look over chassis, brakes and all thats necessary. We use quality Autodata-program from where we can get all the information needed to know what must be done during the service. During the car service we use quality oils and repair parts. We have diagnostics equipment that ables us to see and delete the errors that are in the cars electrical system. In addition to that we do also trailers etc. service and repair.

    Repair work.   55€/h

    We provide different repair work. We have the possibility to provide our customers quality original parts and also favorable b-class parts. Our services:

    In addition to that we provide also car body parts change, repair and paint work.

    Diagnostics. 65€/h

    Car error code reading and deleting, module programming. We can offer diagnostics to most of the car brands, the new ones (2016,2017) and the older ones.

    Diagnostics on the spot.

    If your car will not start or you don’t have the possibility to bring it to us, we can come to you and perform the work on spot if so agreed upon. If needed we can transport your car with a trailer to our car service or where you need it to be transported.

    Tow service.

    We have a trailer towing, that helps us to provide two services. If your car has broken on the road or does not move, we can come to the spot, pick up your car and take it to a place suitable to you.

    Trailers service.

    Trailers service, repair, inspection.


    We have the possibility to offer you quality service so you don’t need to worry and waste your time. We will performe all the repair work needed and also to ´´KATSASTUS´´

    Price list:


    Ask for an offer: aivar@aacc.fi